Comic book writer/professional wrestler/grumpy old man ANTHONY RUTTGAIZER (aka ANTHONY KINGDOM JAMES) is back with a new episode of the fabled HANDSOME GENIUS CLUB.  Today’s guest is Canadian comic book writer/editor ALLISON O’TOOLE.  Allison will tell us about the fourth volume of the TORONTO COMICS Anthology which is currently up for funding on KICKSTARTER.  Also on today’s show, Anthony updates us on the upcoming relaunch of his own Kickstarter for the HEROES OF HOMEROOM C graphic novel and tells us about some current Kickstarters that might interest you.  He also gives an editorial on why he thinks Vladimir Putin interfered in last year’s US Presidential election and what both he and Donald Trump get out of it.

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Toronto Comics, Volume 4: Yonge At Heart –
The Golden Guard, Book One: Columbia Rediviva –
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