On this episode of the HGC podcast, Anthony Ruttgaizer (aka Kingdom James) is joined by professional wrestler “Hacker” Scotty O’Shea (Twitter: @HackerScotty) to discuss comics, Lego, and of course, pro wrestling.  Scotty reveals the reason he had heat with Kingdom (heat that Kingdom was NEVER aware of until now), how that heat got squashed and what his goals are in the wrestling business.  Anthony talks about getting involved with promotions like California’s XPW and England’s 1PW and some of the origins of his own dearly departed wrestling promotion, The Union of Independent Professional Wrestlers.  Plus, Anthony prepares for this week’s New York Comic Con!  All this and more (including some weird clicking in the audio of the interview… you’ve been warned, so no complaining!) in this episode of the Handsome Genius Club podcast.

This is a “swapcast” with Wrestling With Myself (available via the Elite Podcast Network).

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