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Episode 8: Comic Book Writer/Editor Allison O’Toole

Comic book writer/professional wrestler/grumpy old man ANTHONY RUTTGAIZER (aka ANTHONY KINGDOM JAMES) is back with a new episode of the fabled HANDSOME GENIUS CLUB.  Today’s guest is Canadian comic book writer/editor ALLISON O’TOOLE.  Allison will tell us about the fourth volume of the TORONTO COMICS Anthology which is currently up for funding on KICKSTARTER.  Also on today’s show, Anthony updates us on the upcoming relaunch of his own Kickstarter for the HEROES OF HOMEROOM C graphic novel and tells us about some current Kickstarters that might interest you.  He also gives an editorial on why he thinks Vladimir Putin interfered in last year’s US Presidential election and what both he and Donald Trump get out of it.

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Toronto Comics, Volume 4: Yonge At Heart –
The Golden Guard, Book One: Columbia Rediviva –
Headlocked: The Hard Way –

10 Minute Podcast #6: Kickstarter Stress and Super Bowl Stuff

Anthony finally returns to the mic with a new 10MP.  Today he yaps about the ongoing Kickstarter campaign to raise money for his  Heroes of Homeroom C graphic novel, plus the Super Bowl, why he fell out of love with pro sports, why the New York Islanders current arena woes amuse him and a verdict on Don “Cyrus” Callis joining the New Japan Pro Wrestling broadcast crew.

And while you’re listening, visit the HoHC Kickstarter page at

Episode 7: Pro wrestler Alessandro Del Bruno

ANTHONY RUTTGAIZER welcomes Independent professional wrestler ALESSANDRO DEL BRUNO as today’s guest!  Anthony and Alessandro discuss pro wrestling and Del Bruno’s career, the pro sports scene in Toronto, including the upcoming Major League Soccer championship finals, and Christmas (with a nifty call-back to Episode 5 guest SCOTTY O’SHEA).  All this an much, much more on this FULL-LENGTH episode of THE HANDSOME GENIUS CLUB PODCAST!

Find Anthony online at and via social media at @MyNameIsKingdom on both Twitter and Instagram.
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10 Minute Podcast #5: New Japan Pro Wrestling star Michael Elgin

“Big Mike” himself, NJPW and Ring of Honor wrestling star MICHAEL ELGIN joins Anthony to discuss his brand new wrestling promotion GLORY PRO WRESTLING, set to debut in the St Louis area in February 2017.  Elgin tells us why he’s starting the promotion, how often he plans to run shows and gives us a rundown of the card for the debut event.  Mike also talks about his impending return to the ring after a serious injury suffered in-ring in Japan.  Find Michael Elgin online via Twitter at @MichaelElgin25 and check out Glory Pro Wrestling’s official Twitter feed at @GloryPro2017.  Find Anthony via Twitter and Instagram at @MyNameIsKingdom and check out his websites at and

The Kickstarter for Anthony’s new comic book project, HEROES OF HOMEROOM C, launches on January 30th 2017.



10 Minute Podcast #4: Supercop Dick Justice

Recorded at Alpha-1 Wrestling’s Final Act 7 event, Anthony spend 10 minutes talking to America’s greatest hero, SUPERCOP DICK JUSTICE (with a quick tag at the end by EMANUEL MELO).  Hear the origin story of Dick Justice straight from the Supercop’s own mouth.  Plus, a few words about where he’s wrestling these days, what promotion he considers his “home” and his current AIW tag team partner, SPACE MONKEY.  That and a whole lot more packed into this new HGC:10MP.  Find the Supercop on social media at both Twitter and Instagram at @SupercopJUSTICE.   You can find Mr Melo at  And as always, Anthony is online at both Twitter and Instagram at @MyNameIsKingdom

10 Minute Podcast #3: Happy Thanksgiving, Ya Filthy Animals!

The HGC:10MP experiment continues on this fine American Thanksgiving afternoon as Anthony discusses Dr Jill Stein triggers several federal election recounts in the Midwest US, President-Elect Trump throwing Manhattan into a tizzy by turning Trump Tower into a second White House and His single favourite episode of Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

10 Minute Podcast #2: Donald Trump is Lex Luthor

The HGC:10MP experiment continues today with some Nerd News and a few comments about Donald Trump.  Thanks for listening.


10 Minute Podcast #1: Proof of Concept

Trying to loosen up the format a little requires a quick test so today’s first-ever HGC:10MP is just Anthony very quickly recapping his weekend and managing to slip in quick notes about the US Election and why he’s swearing off travelling to the United States after January 2017.   The HGC:10 MP experiment will continue this week with more about this past weekend’s shenanigans and a preview of NEXT weekend’s nonsense too.  Thanks for listening.

Episode 6: Canadians Talk About America

George Zotti returns to the HGC with host Anthony Ruttgaizer (aka Kingdom James) to discuss matters of race and race relations in the hours leading up to the culmination of the 2016 US Election.  Trump, Clinton, lies and false equivalency, the police, the Black Lives Matter movement and so much more.  Anthony even sneaks in a few pro wrestling references, because the entire world is a work!  Oh and a little bit of comic convention talk gets in there too!

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Episode 5: Scotty O’Shea of Wrestling With Myself

On this episode of the HGC podcast, Anthony Ruttgaizer (aka Kingdom James) is joined by professional wrestler “Hacker” Scotty O’Shea (Twitter: @HackerScotty) to discuss comics, Lego, and of course, pro wrestling.  Scotty reveals the reason he had heat with Kingdom (heat that Kingdom was NEVER aware of until now), how that heat got squashed and what his goals are in the wrestling business.  Anthony talks about getting involved with promotions like California’s XPW and England’s 1PW and some of the origins of his own dearly departed wrestling promotion, The Union of Independent Professional Wrestlers.  Plus, Anthony prepares for this week’s New York Comic Con!  All this and more (including some weird clicking in the audio of the interview… you’ve been warned, so no complaining!) in this episode of the Handsome Genius Club podcast.

This is a “swapcast” with Wrestling With Myself (available via the Elite Podcast Network).

Find Anthony Ruttgaizer online –  website: and social media: @MyNameIsKingdom on Twitter and Instagram
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