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Help SAVE The F1rst Hero!

Hey kids!

You may have noticed that I’ve been fairly quiet for the last couple of days in terms of social media presence and, in particular, publicizing the Kickstarter campaign for my comic book series, THE F1RST HERO. That’s because there’s been an unfortunate development with the book.

Due to low pre-order numbers, Diamond Comics cancelled distribution of the series before the scheduled release of Issue 2 of the WEDNESDAY’S CHILD story arc. They informed our publisher, Action Lab Entertainment, of this decision earlier this week and I was informed on Thursday evening.

So, what does this mean for Volume 3? I’ve spent the last 48 hours mulling over the options.

I still believe in THE F1RST HERO. I still believe in the story I’ve written and in the art that Marco Renna and Fred Stresing have created. I still believe that we’ve put together something exciting that deserves to reach an audience. More than anything else, I still want to bring this book to everyone.

So I’ve decided to let all of you decide.

If the Kickstarter reaches its funding goal of $4000 CDN (approx $3000 USD), we will finish the book. Every dime of the money this Kickstarter raises will be going into production, printing and shipping. Any costs not covered by the Kickstarter will come out of my pocket, but we need to hit that $4000 goal for production to continue past this point.

Without mass distribution to comic shops, the only way to get printed copies of WEDNESDAY’S CHILD will be directly from us. If the Kickstarter succeeds, we can and will get this story into your hands. I’m still hopeful that we can reach and surpass the $4000 goal and make everyone proud that they contributed their hard-earned cash to make this dream into something real.

So please, share this announcement and the campaign with your friends. The more people who get involved, the better our chances of saving the book. And now more than ever before, if you are considering making a pledge, please visit the Kickstarter page and help support THE F1RST HERO!


Thank you,


THE F1RST HERO is my passion project, my labour of love, and bringing the book from idea to print is the dream of a 12 year old kid come true. If you’ve read the series, I hope that passion for creating comics jumps off the page for you. If you’re new to TFH, I hope you will give the book a try and join in the excitement. In fact, if you’ve never read any of the series before, check out Volume 1, Issue 1 FOR FREE right now online at


THE F1RST HERO is a 100% creator-owned series. This Kickstarter campaign is being conducted to help raise funds for the production of the series. After Kickstarter’s fess and the cost of reward fulfillment, all the money raised will go towards those costs. Marco, Fred and I have been working incredibly hard to bring you the truly best book that we can and every dollar that you pledge here will help us reach the finish line. With that in mind, we would like to THANK YOU in advance for your support.

The risks for backing this project are incredibly minimal. Marco has completed the art for all four issues of the story and Fred has already completed colouring and lettering for Issues 1 and 2. Fred is currently colouring Issues 3. Issue 1 was published on June 15th and Issue 2 has gone to the printers. The team at Action Lab have been great, once again, at helping us continue bringing the story of THE F1RST HERO to readers like you and the first wave of rewards will go in the mail almost immediately upon completion of the campaign. Trade paperback collections will be mailed out in late-October to complete the reward fulfillment cycle.

Reward packages for this Kickstarter include:
DIGITAL COPIES of the first issue or the entire 4-issue story arc
PRINT COPIES of the Special Convention Edition of Issue 1
TRADE PAPERBACK collections of the complete 4-issue story arc
COMMISSION SKETCHES and special SKETCH COVERS drawn by series creator Anthony Ruttgaizer
TRADE PAPERBACK collections of Volume 1 and Volume 2 of the series
SCRIPT CONSULTATION SESSIONS with Anthony to help turn YOUR ideas into comic book scripts
SPEAKING ROLES as a character in an issue of the series!

Even if you can’t contribute, you can help make this project successful by telling your friends and neighbours about it.

THE F1RST HERO Volume 3 Kickstarter launches on June 28th


Visit the Facebook Event Page for more updates!

Jake Roth is back in an all-new four-issue mini-series filled with twists, turns and some of the craziest action you’ll ever see. In THE F1RST HERO: WEDNESDAY’S CHILD, Jake must face his strangest opponent yet: an 8-year old girl with the power to control human minds. And as deadly as that sounds, it’s the little girl’s mother that’s the really dangerous one! And in the meantime, Col. Kirkson and the Extrahuman Task Force are hot on all their heels!

Volume 3 is written by Anthony Ruttgaizer with art by Marco Renna and letters/colours by Fred C Stresing. The F1rst Hero is published by Action Lab Comics.

Rewards for the campaign include copies of entire series (including Volumes 1 and 2) in both print and digital form, limited special editions of the first issue and chances to have Anthony draw you as an extrahuman villain!

Pre-Order THE F1RST HERO Volume 3 TODAY!

TFHv3i1_standard    TFHv3i1_variant
JAKE ROTH is back!  In Volume 3, Jake has returned home after his ACTIONVERSE adventure with new abilities and a new understanding of his mission as a hero. But he still has Paul Kirkson and the Extrahuman Task Force to deal with and a new extrahuman threat in the form of a 9 year old girl with mind-control powers. And if you think that’s scary… wait until you meet HER MOTHER.
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On Wednesday April 13th, Action Lab Comics debuts the first issue of a weekly six-issue crossover event entitled ACTIONVERSE.  This series brings together THE F1RST HERO with MOLLY DANGER, STRAY, MIDNIGHT TIGER and FRACTURE to create a cohesive superheroic universe for the young publisher.  Issue #1 features JAKE ROTH, the eponymous F1RST HERO, as he meets a new danger that threatens not just Jake’s world but ALL WORLDS.  The issue features the debut of MARCO RENNA as TFH artist with FRED C STRESING returning as colourist/letterer.  The covers for this issue were drawn by LEE MODER and legendary artist RON FRENZ.

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