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Anthony Ruttgaizer is a comic book writer, a stand-up comedian, a talk radio host, a night club DJ, a pop culture blogger and, perhaps most famously, a professional wrestler. From hosting live events in front of ten thousand-plus people to conducting one-on-one interviews with athletes, actors, musicians and politicians, Anthony has always enjoyed the chance to communicate with an appreciative audience.

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Anthony began performing on open mic nights at the Yuk Yuk’s comedy clubs during his senior year of high school. In college, he quickly found himself drawn to the campus radio station where he began working several shifts a week as a DJ and newscaster. Anthony has since worked as an on-air host for radio stations in both Canada and the United States. In 2008, Anthony created the Handsome Genius Club Radio Show, a podcast talk show catering to “nerds, geeks and other pop culture junkies”.


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Anthony also pursued his interest in the performance art of professional wrestling, starting first as a ring announcer when he was 18 before becoming a wrestler, himself. Anthony’s life as a professional wrestler would lead him from Canada to the United States and across the Atlantic to England and Spain, as well as onto television screens in over a dozen other countries. He has also promoted his own live wrestling events as “The Union of Independent Professional Wrestlers”.

These days, Anthony is fulfilling his lifelong dream of being a comic book writer. His first series, “THE F1RST HERO”, is currently being published by Action Lab Entertainment.  Anthony is also working to launch a new self-publishing venture under the banner of “ARISTOCRATS COMICS”.  Already planned for Aristocrats are the young adult adventure series “HEROES OF HOMEROOM C” with artist Carlos Granda, a post-Civil War drama titled “40 ACRES” and several new projects with artist/collaborator Lee Moder.

Anthony’s various creative endeavours have led him to make numerous media appearances over the years, including Sunday Edition (CBC Radio), the Naked News, Vice Sports, Fandom Forum (Space Television), Culture Shock (WWE Network), CITY-tv News (Toronto), WICU-tv News (Erie, PA), The Fan 590 AM (Toronto), and Live Audio Wrestling (syndicated national radio) amongst others.

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