Below is the original written version of the editorial I included in the latest episode of the HANDSOME GENIUS CLUB.  Find the episode now on the PODCAST page.

Here it is, in a nutshell…

Vladimir Putin has had a personal hatred for Hillary Clinton ever since, in her role as Secretary of State, she condemned the 2011 Russian Parliamentary elections as fraudulent. Putin decided to interfere in the 2016 elections to stick it to Clinton, who was the favourite to be the Democratic nominee.

How did he do this?

By encouraging (himself or through emissaries including Russian oligarchs and international bankers) Donald Trump to run for President (Trump’s previous run for the Republican nomination in 2012 was little more than a publicity stunt) and by staging cyber attacks on both the RNC and DNC. The material from the DNC attack was handed over to Julian Assange and released in staggered waves on Wikileaks. The material from the RNC is still being held in reserve, possibly to use against Trump or the RNC down the road.

Putin also has his cyber-terrorism people ramp up the volume of “fake news” creating bullshit stories the likes of the pizza shop/child sex ring and the whole “Hillary had people killed” yarn.  Stories that anyone with an IQ above room temperature would reject.   Unfortunately, room temperature IQs are in shorter supply than one might hope.

What did/does Putin stand to gain by installing Trump as president?  He gains a friend.

A friend who could pull (and is pulling) the United States out of Russia’s way on the international stage.   First big example?  Putin has been working to reabsorb Ukraine.  A portion of the Republican platform that was being ratified at the Republican National Convention last summer included support for Ukraine sovereignty including the possibility of sending American weapons to bolster the Ukraine defence forces.  Trump’s people ignored each and every other section of that GOP platform, including harsh wording about abortion, gun control, etc, but demanded the removal of language about military support for Ukraine.

The State Department has all but disappeared since the inauguration. Senior officials, some with over 40 years experience, having survived shifting tides from Democrat to Republican to Back again, from Carter though Reagan and Bush, through Clinton, through Bush Jr and then Obama, are suddenly gone under Trump.  Press briefings no longer happen.  A 37% cut in the State Department budget is looming.  And to top it all, oil executive  Rex Tillerson, who has received the Medal of Friendship from Putin, is the new Secretary of State.  Tillerson was Putin’s choice as Secretary of State, not Trump’s.  Trump had never met the man before this.

And Wilbur Ross, the new Secretary of Commerce, has long-standing ties to not-just Trump but also to Russian oligarchs.  As vice-chairman of the Bank of Cyprus, Ross very recently engineered a real estate deal between Trump and a Russian multi-billionaire named Rybolovlev (say that five times fast) for a piece of Florida property that Trump had paid 40 million to obtain and the Russian then bought from him for $100mil. This wiped out a debt that Trump had been trying to weasel out of with Deutsche Bank and still gave him a giant profit.

Trump clearly has ties to Russia.  Many of them.  That’s why he won’t show you his tax returns.

Any fair-to-middling forensic accountant would likely be able to suss out his illegal and/or unethical dealings with the Russians and others.  Others  like the corrupt government of Azerbaijan whom Trump got into bed with to launder money for Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard.  Together, Trump and Azerbaijani Minister of Transportation Ziya Mammadov used money from the Iranian terrorists to build the Trump Tower in Baku, a now unfinished and abandoned project.

And what does Trump get out of being President?  Why would he want to give up a life of walking into teen beauty pageant dressing rooms and paying Russian call girls to pee on the bed where the Obamas once slept for as many as eight years of hard work, hassle and intense public scrutiny?

Well, he gets the power and prestige of being President.  He gets to make patronage appointments to put his cronies in high office.  He gets to dismantle civil liberties and financial protections and thus make the rich richer, keep those rich men’s boots on the neck of the middle class and keep doing to the poor what a movie bear does to Leonardo DiCaprio.  He gets to keep brown and beige people of the country and put blacks in jail.  He gets to tell women what to do with their reproductive organs and transgender people where they can urinate.

He gets to lie, cheat and steal at an all new level and it’s a Super-Bowl-Stanley-Cup-Wrestlemania-main-event-climb-Mount-Everest-punch-God-in-the-fucking-mouth-and-make-God-says-thanks-for-the-honour-of-it-all-rolled-into-one  level.  (If you doubt that level exists, remember that the aforementioned Mammadov earns a $12,000 USD salary in HIS government job and yet has amassed a personal fortune in the billions.  Sweet, sweet institutional corruption!)

But most of all, Trump gets to say he won.

America has been duped. Their President LIES to them on a daily basis about things as petty as how many people showed up to watch him speak (and whether or not it was raining when they did) and things as important as their health care and their national security.  Americans have elected a mentally defective Lex Luthor to run their country.  And run it he will… straight into the fucking ground, where he will watch it explode and then piss on its ashes.

Ladies and gentlemen, the 25th Amendment is sitting there waiting for you.  Impeach The Mother Fucker Already.