With the Heroes of Homeroom C Kickstarter underway, I’ve been lucky enough to be interviewed for a few different podcasts.  I thought I would share them with you here on the site.  Or at least links to them…

First up, I made another appearance on my favourite podcast, An Elegant Weapon, hosted by Jason Clark.  We talk HoHC, The F1rst Hero, Alpha 1 Wrestling and much more.  Check out Episode 226 of the show at http://anelegantweapon.ca/?p=67

Then there’s Derek Becker’s Comic Pro & Cons.  Becker and I spoke on Episode 55 of his podcast and that show can be found at http://www.comicprosandcons.com/episode-055-anthony-ruttgaizer/

And finally, I woke up at a god awful early time (anything before noon is a sin) last Sunday to speak with the very friendly folks at All Things Good and Nerdy.  This show runs LIVE on Sunday mornings and features a video element.  I decided NOT to appear on video because a) I didn’t feel like cleaning the section of the apartment directly behind me and b) I was Donald Duck’ing it.  You know what I mean…  Shirt but no pants.  Either way, we had a lot of fun chatting.  Watch/listen to that interview at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djDzCv3OGGk