Did anyone notice that the Ghostbusters reboot reviews itself at the end of the movie? (This isn’t really a spoiler, so calm down, nerds) The four principals are standing on the roof of the Hook & Ladder looking at the lights of Manhattan. Abby says “Well that’s not terrible.” and Erin replies “No it’s not. It’s not terrible at all.”

And that, my children, is probably about the best, most honest review this movie could have.

Ghostbusters-2016Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig and Kate MacKinnon as the new Ghostbusters.

Four really amazing actresses, solid supporting cast, terrific visuals, mildly entertaining but mostly unexceptional film. Too much cutesy “aside” dialogue (ie: silly train-of-thought side conversations). Too many pointless cameos used almost purely as fan service. (Even Ozzy Osbourne’s cameo is wasted.) Not enough service to the emotional connection they professed between the two main characters. (maybe the movie would have been better served by opening with flashbacks to them as kids with Erin’s childhood ghost encounter, their friendship forming and later dissolving.)

StayPuft2016Seeing Stay Puft again was pretty cool.

And yet, like both the movie and I said… it’s not terrible at all. Just not as good as I was hoping.