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JAKE ROTH is back!  In Volume 3, Jake has returned home after his ACTIONVERSE adventure with new abilities and a new understanding of his mission as a hero. But he still has Paul Kirkson and the Extrahuman Task Force to deal with and a new extrahuman threat in the form of a 9 year old girl with mind-control powers. And if you think that’s scary… wait until you meet HER MOTHER.

Anthony is joined for this new story arc by returning colourist/letterer FRED C STRESING and new series artist MARCO RENNA.  Following up on his spectacular debut as artist for ACTIONVERSE #1 Featuring THE F1RST HERO, Marco lends his dynamic style to this exciting new chapter in the life of Jake Roth.

Issue 1 hits comic shops on Wednesday June 15th.  Make sure that YOUR local comic store has a copy ready for you by filling out the PRE-ORDER FORM below and bringing it to your favourite retailer today!