TFH_testheader2_2016THE F1RST HERO is now available to read as a FREE WEBCOMIC!  The entire first issue is already online and a new page from VOLUME 1: THE MONSTER goes live every Monday , Wednesday and Friday morning to read FOR FREE at WWW.THEF1RSTHERO.COM.


THE F1RST HERO tells the story of Jake Roth, the only man to ever manifest superhuman powers and not be driven insane by them. A former US Marine, Jake must decide whether to use his powers to help people (but put himself at risk of being hunted down by the government) or to keep his powers a secret (but watch innocent people be hurt all around him every day).

This story arc features the art of Phillip Sevy, who is currently drawing Dark Horse’s new TOMB RAIDER series.

With VOLUME TWO: FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE already on comic shop shelves and VOLUME THREE: WEDNESDAY’S CHILD set for release starting this June, my hope is that, with your help, we can get the series in front of more people who might be looking for an exciting and innovative take on the superhero genre.

“This book continues to evolve to one of the most gripping and innovative looks into super-powered beings I have ever read.” – The Broken Infinite